Real Estate Brokerage

Investment Opportunities

Markus and Associates will help find the investment that is right for you.  Our team is qualified to evaluate a property's investment potential.  If you already know what type of property you are looking for, Great!  If you do not know what type of investment property would best achieve your goals, we can help.  Our experience with management and maintenance will help you avoid surprises with the physical condition of a property (in addition to the expert advice of a professional inspector). Necessary repairs can be viewed as potential expenses or value added renovations depending on the pricing of the property or the intent of the buyer.

Buying the RIGHT property for the RIGHT price is one of the most important decisions you will make as an investor.  Markus and Associates is in the best position to advise you in this area, help you complete the purchase of your investment, then help you realize your management and ownership goals.

Real Estate Brokerage

Markus and Associates recognizes that buying an investment property is different than buying a home.  However, we still want to make sure you receive the best possible value for your money.

With our construction and maintenance experience, we can provide another perspective to your professional inspector’s reports.  With over twenty years of experience with the greater Portland real estate market, Markus and Associates will be a valuable asset during the purchase process.


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