Property Management Testimonials

I have full confidence in Markus and Associates as my property manager.


Mark has proven himself with property maintenance techniques, property management, forms, controls and developments, computer records and desktop publishing. We very highly recommend him.

-Dale Denson, CPM Dalton Management Inc.

Your generosity with your time and thoroughness of assisting me in a task unfamiliar to you were above and beyond what I would have expected to be done. You are a fine example of a Certified Property Manager and the Institute of Real Estate Management.

-John E.

I have known Mark and observed his continual growth in property management for many years. [Mark is] exceptionally knowledgeable in this multifaceted industry. Mark's consultations and reports were professional, comprehensive, on time and within budget; he performed above our expectations. It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Mark Christianson to any organization that desires the best in the industry.

-Sharron A.

Mark showed a genuine interest in obtaining our business and professed to be willing to work with us in containing costs. At the same time he stressed his understanding of the importance of accumulating adequate reserves, and keeping the property in good repair. We are now into the second year of management by Mark's firm. I am happy to say that Mark, in contrast to our previous management company, has delivered on his promises. He and his staff are responsive to our requests and have shown a genuine desire to provide good service affordably. You would do well to consider Markus and Associates for your management provider.

-David M.

I can say without hesitation that I trust your judgement and you work. You are truly trustworthy and hard working. You are one of the few business owners I have met that I believe is actually more concerned with the client than themselves. It is what sets you apart.



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